We will define with you the most appropriate interpreting technique according to your needs and thus ensure the success of your event. Conference interpreting is a highly demanding exercise and can only be undertaken by professionals with a “conference interpreter” diploma (Master II). In addition to a perfect command of their working languages, our interpreters have a strong political, historical and cultural knowledge and have been trained to use various interpreting techniques :

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreters are located in a sound-proof booth and use a microphone and a headset. While the speaker delivers his speech, an interpreter translates it simultaneously. Members of the audience can therefore listen “live” to the translation provided by the interpreter via a headset.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes note of the speech while it is delivered by a speaker. When delivery is over, the interpreter takes the floor and translates the speech in front of an audience.

Whispered interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates his speech simultaneously « whispering » directly to a small group or an individual. No technical equipment is required.

« Tour guide » Interpreting

The interpreter uses a mobile system including one microphone and portable headsets. This technique is particularly appropriate for guided tours of plants, workshops or other premises.